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Donamae's Old Fashioned Popcorn

Treat friends and family
with old-fashioned
gourmet popcorn!

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"It all started with LOVING the taste of Chocolate Pecan Corn and our Caramel Almond Cashew Crunch (Trust me, this is no typical Caramel Corn!)"--Donamae

Twenty-five years ago, Donamae Koppelman created a business from a creative hobby to the delight of friends and family. As the business grew she passed her secrets and passion down to her daughter Nancy Charney.Donamae and daughter Nancy

Nancy learned, watched and worked along side her mom and was ready to add her signature touch to the original favorites. As the torch was passed to the next generation Nancy created Donamae's-- A Sweet Studio. This is truly a jewel box near Lake Minnetonka where Nancy's creativity and attention to create unique edible gifts meet Doname's tradition of gracious entertaining.

Doname's-Sweet Studio is a warm, inviting spot where tasteful gifts are adorned in beautiful packages and artful candy trays are created for special events and customized
gift giving.

A studio atmosphere provides time and inspiration for customers and professional planners to customize gifts and events and invites walk-in guests to choose a gift to go from our studio collection.

Walk-thru the door and you will be charmed by the possibilities.