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Donamae's Old Fashioned Popcorn

Treat friends and family
with old-fashioned
gourmet popcorn!

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We'll work directly with you at our studio to create a customized platter or gift for your special occasion.

Take a look at our best sellers! We have singled out our customers top rated signature sweets and savory specialties. These pieces make up our signature candy platters and many of these especially selected items are perfect for event and corporate gifts.

Chocolate Mushrooms ~ Click For Details ~
Chocolate Mushrooms
Experience the joy of creamy white and milk chocolate formed into beautifully shaped mushrooms. Adding a unique shape to your next custom candy arrangement.
Hand Dipped Cream and Fruit Confections~ Click For Details ~
Hand-Dipped Cream
and Fruit Confections

Hand dipped cream and fruit confections use the finest ingredients and make a sweet statement on our platters or in personalized gift packages..
Apricot Tri Angels~ Click For Details ~
Apricot Triangles
Apricot triangles are covered in rich dark chocolate and creamy
white chocolate for a signature look.
Tri-color Dark Chocolate and Caramel Nougat~ Click For Details ~
Tri-color Dark Chocolate and Caramel Nougat
This candy is an unforgettable combination.
Toffee Caramel Popcorn~ Click For Details ~
Toffee Caramel

Toffee Caramel popcorn has been the number 1 favorite for 25 years. Enjoy our caramel, almond cashew crunch and send some to a friend.
Chocolate Popcorn~ Click For Details ~
Chocolate Popcorn
Large chocolaty clusters
of sweet dark chocolate
and pecans are
a traditional favorite by
the jar or by the tin.
Fresh Roasted Almonds~ Click For Details ~
Fresh Roasted Almonds
Don't worry, we have treats for folks who don't eat chocolate including fresh roasted, savory almonds.
Jordan Almonds~ Click For Details ~
Jordan Almonds
These are everyone's favorites-Jordon Almonds
in fun, seasonal holiday color combinations.
Peppermint and Vanilla Almond Bark~ Click For Details ~
Peppermint and Vanilla
Almond Bark

Peppermint and vanilla almond bark is pretty in
pink and in white and makes a wonderful taste contrast on a platter or as
a stand alone gift item.
Almond Toffee~ Click For Details ~
Almond Toffee
Almond Toffee is a forever favorite--even better when dipped in chocolate and rolled in a dusting of powder sugar.
Ruby Jewels~ Click For Details ~
Ruby Jewels
These ruby jewels are really gems! Cherry flavored chocolate are the right splash of color on every platter.
Old Fashioned Wrapped Caramels~ Click For Details ~
Old Fashioned
Wrapped Caramels
An old fashioned favorite--hand wrapped caramels.
Buttery Soft Caramels~ Click For Details ~
Buttery Soft Caramels
Buttery soft caramels hand wrapped in traditional wax candy papers are available for individual gifting.
Coffee Caramels~ Click For Details ~
Coffee Caramels
Coffee caramels are a unique twist on this sentimental favorite.
Toffee Crunch Bars~ Click For Details ~
Toffee Crunch Bars
are covered in chocolate and dusted with a fine
layer of almonds and are
a treat on platters or as a gift for events and
corporate gift giving.
Salted Cashews~ Click For Details ~
Salted Cashews
Salted Cashews sold by
the pound are the perfect gift or compliment to any event assortment.
Chocolate Flower~ Click For Details ~
Chocolate Flower
Chocolate flourishes
are the perfect final touch
to any event platter.
Chocolate Leaves~ Click For Details ~
Chocolate Leaves
to make a wonderful
special accent.
Flavored Pecans~ Click For Details ~
Flavored Pecans
Flavored pecans are a delicious way to get just
that right bit of sweet with just that right amount of nutty crunch.
Chocolate Lace~ Click For Details ~
Chocolate Lace
Lovely and delicate
these pieces are just the right custom touch on our candy platters.
Chocolate Leaves~ Click For Details ~
Chocolate Logs
We think you'll love these handmade chocolate logs. They are rolled in nuts with a great crunch and look lovely on our platters.